6 Easy Dessert Decorating Techniques for Christmas

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Do you want to make attractive looking desserts? This article reveals six best dessert decorating techniques to try out this Christmas. 

Desserts are the most amazing treats in the world. Before taking a bite, you appreciate the look and small designs on the sweet savouries. As you chew them, you relish the taste and flavours. Where else do you get these feelings together? And what if you can make these designs yourself? Well, the dessert decorating techniques aren’t as difficult as it seems. It only takes small amount of efforts, little creativity and a pinch of intelligence. With these ingredients you can easily come up with the most attractive decorations on your favourite sweets.     

Edible Flowers

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Choose the best edible flowers that you can get in the market. Cut them as per the size of your dessert. Place them neatly and form unique patterns. Make each dessert stand out with creative flower designs. You can also opt for piped side flowers for decorating cakes and brownies. If you make cupcakes, just put the petals on top and serve it to your guests. These small dessert decorating techniques are enough to make your normal dessert look extraordinary. 

New Textures

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Jazz up your Christmas by inventing new dessert designs through textures. You can go for a buttercream layout for chocolaty desserts. This will add more colours and of course, flavours. 3D texture is another option that you can consider. Just make sure that you put the best effort to create a dazzling effect. You can even try royal icing, which is nothing but hardened egg whites. If you make square desserts, add them on the surface and you’re done.

Crumb Coats

Crumb coats are thin layer of frosting that prevents the loose crumbs from falling out. If your dessert has a chocolate base, you can apply a crumb coat of vanilla or buttercream. In this way, both the layers will be easily visible. Just be careful with the amount of frosting that you apply. Remember if the frosting becomes thick, it will ruin your design.  

Buttercream Palette Knife Flowers

The piped flowers make the best choice for decorating desserts. They also add new textures to your ordinary desserts. You can choose from a wide range of styles like oil painting, flatter and the latest 3D textures. Each of these patterns gives a different look to the desserts. The sweets look more attractive and colourful. The very sight of the palette designs makes you crave for a bite. 


There are lots of sprinkles available in the market. Select your favourite ones and neatly apply them on your cakes, brownies and muffins. Use a mix of various sprinklers and make your dessert stand out. Make unique designs, themes and patterns with this dessert decorating technique. Write messages for your loved ones. Give a new name to your creation. While doing these, try not to overdo as it can ruin all the fun. 

Piping Techniques

If you love designing, get hold of a frosting pipe and show your creativity. Hold the tip of the pipe and put adequate pressure to create unique designs. If you’re new to this, draw the sketch somewhere and then start. Before creating designs on your dessert, you can also practice some mock designs in regular cakes. This will give you the confidence to create new effects with frosting pipes. 

Now that you know the best ways to decorate your Christmas desserts, what are you waiting for? Start your preparations right now. Make your plans; purchase essential items and get set go. You can also apply your own artistic ideas and showcase your creative culinary skills by making some of the colourful and tasty desserts this year. Don’t forget to invite your friends and share this knowledge. 

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