8 Essential Cakes Decoration Items Every Beginner Should Have

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Baking is the best hobby an individual can have. If you are a new baker who lives baking cakes, then there are some cakes decoration items that you should have. Beginners are always so confused about where to start, how to start, and what to get. 

So here I am to help you with that confusion as I have a list of eight essential cakes decorations you will need. So before you or any of you know, go shopping and regret what they get. Please read this article deeply and share it with the bakers close to you. 

List Of 8 Essential Cakes Decoration Items

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Piping Bags

Piping bags are used for cake decoration which is also known as pastry bags. These are triangular-shaped bags made up of plastic material. Piping bags are used for cake frosting and icing. 

Cake Toppers

A cake is a mold used for cake decoration that sits on top of the cake. Cake toppers come in different shapes, sizes, and designs like bunting cake toppers, acrylic cake toppers, personalized cake toppers, edible cake toppers, etc. 

Piping Gel

Piping gel is a cake decoration item that adds a shiny finish from gluing fondant figurines that transfers images to cakes. This prevents whipped cream from liquefying. Piping cakes are vital cake decorating items. 

Food Colours And Sprays

To give cakes any shade or tint, a baker uses food colors and sprays that are completely edible. They come in every color, glitters, and you will find varieties of these. 

Cake Sprinkles And Confetti

Confetti cake decorations are trendy nowadays. If you ever feel confused about what design to put on your cake, then just toss some confetti, and you’re good to go. Cake sprinkles and confetti have a sweet and tangy flavor that pleases everyone’s taste buds. They come in various colors and flavors you can choose from.

Icing Sheet And Fondants

Fondant cakes are another alternative to buttercream cakes. The base of the cake is covered in fondant, which is further decorated with fondant figurines, or you can choose other cake decorations. 

Cake Nozzles

Cake nozzles are used to create shell-like patterns, rose nozzles you see on cakes in confectioneries. With different shapes of nozzles, you will be able to create patterns like shells, roses, ruffles, etc. 

Fondant Rollers And Smoothers

To decorate fondant cakes, fondant rollers and smoothers are the two most important things. They are used for releasing the air bubbles trapped under the fondant, and it gives it a smooth finish. 


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These are eight cake decoration items that you will need as a beginner. At starting, you don’t have to get all kinds of molds, nozzles, or stuff like that. But having two or three of these is enough to get started. Once you get familiar with these already existing items of cake decoration, you can move on furthermore. 

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