Baby Shower Dessert Table Ideas For An Elegant Shower

baby shower dessert table ideas

When you think of baby shower desserts, do you picture wedding cakes? The truth is, not only are they delicious and fun to eat, they are also a perfect way to thank your guests for attending your event. It is a chance for you to get together with the people you care about and give them something they can enjoy, whether that is new baby diapers or homemade cookies. There are plenty of baby shower dessert ideas to choose from, but today I want to share one idea that is becoming quite popular at my own showers.

One of the most popular baby shower dessert table ideas is to create a tiered wedding cake. This type of cake can be made easily at home, and you can be sure that everyone will like it! The key is in the decorations on top of the cake.

That Fits Your Theme

A person sitting at a table with a cake

Your first step in creating this kind of a dessert is to purchase a baby shower cake that fits your theme. There are several online stores where you can find these cakes. Once you have purchased your cake, you can then begin decorating it. The best thing about tiered cakes is that they look fantastic and are very easy to make.

If you would prefer to make a tiered cake yourself, there are many easy to follow recipes that you can find online. The first tier can be filled with either cream or chocolate. As the baby shower progresses, you can remove a tier or add another tier and fill it with something else, such as fruit, nuts, or anything else that compliments the theme of the baby shower.

Alternate The Colors Between The Top Tiers

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The key to making a tiers cake is to make sure you alternate the colors between the top tiers. For example, if you choose to make a cream color cake, you can then make the cake white and then place the second tier in a different color. You do want to be careful not to make the entire cake in the same color as it appears to be, however. You can use different colors and make different pictures for the two tiers. Another way you can make a tiers cake is to use red frosting and then paint one of the tiers red. You can alternate colors between the red tier and the cream colored cake to make a very pretty and unique baby shower dessert.

A free way to come up with some baby shower dessert table ideas is to simply use fondant to create layers on the cake. This works especially well if you do not have a lot of experience with cake decorating, but you want to create something beautiful for the baby. Begin by coating the cake with white fondant, covering the cake with a layer of chocolate or another color, and then apply another layer of chocolate. Repeat the process until you reach the desired result, which will be a beautiful cake decorated with candy confetti.

Make The Cake Fresh For The Guests

If you are having the baby shower at a later date, you could make the cake fresh for the guests to enjoy at a later time. You could save the old fashioned style fondant for another occasion, if you decide not to use it again. You can make a fondant cake either for a baby shower or any other occasion by purchasing the recipe and using it to make a cake that your guests are sure to love. You may want to add a personalized message on the cake to say thanks to the new parents-to-be or to let them know how much they mean to you.

The most important rule when making baby shower desserts is that they are meant to be enjoyed by the expectant mother and her guests. You don’t want to end up making a big mess by serving too many desserts.


A nice balance is usually best when serving baby shower desserts. Don’t serve too many different types, but rather keep it simple. A simple dessert would be better because you do not want the expectant mom to have an overload of different desserts to pick from and try to make the best one for her. Make sure that there is enough food for everyone, but if the guest list calls for it, ask if they have any request for second helpings.

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