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Baking is not limited to pies and tarts. Today’s recipe for success includes cakes, cookies and a range of other baked food. There are so many delicious baking ideas available, it can be overwhelming to make the choice. But there are some basic principles that you should consider before diving in. The ultimate goal is to provide delicious food for your family and friends, so here are some tried and tested baking dessert ideas.

Quick Trip To Your Local Supermarket Or Fruit Departments

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A quick trip to your local supermarket or fruit departments will reveal an array of baking options. Look for baking recipes specific to what you want to make – cake, cookie, brownie, sponge, crock pot recipe, etc. Look also for ideas that don’t require any special ingredients. Don’t let yourself get stuck with a particular recipe for a particular food group. If it’s a favorite you’ve had in the past, try something different this time.

When you start looking at baking dessert ideas, keep things simple. Don’t think that by baking a rich chocolate cake you have taken the idea of simplicity too far. In fact, many great recipes call for very little cooking time. All you need is baking soda, flour, baking powder, sugar and water. Mix them together until they are just combined and you are ready to bake!

Add Something Special To A Fruit Cake Recipe

It might be tempting to purchase expensive baking recipes to save time, but you’re going to spend a lot more time in the kitchen if you do that. Sometimes the flavor you desire in cakes is only available in specialty stores. For example, many people want to enjoy Italian desserts, but they aren’t readily available at your local grocery store. What options do you have? If you take a trip to the bakery, you can ask if they have a recipe for pizza dough. Usually they do have this one.

Don’t assume that you can’t add something special to a fruit cake recipe to make it more interesting. Many baking recipes don’t require anything more than a couple of teaspoons of cinnamon or cardamom to spice things up. Why not use that to add a little bit of a flavor you would find in ginger ale or mint juleps? That’s not to say that you can’t add fruit juice or other additions. What it means is that you can use what you have on hand.

Baking Dessert Ideas Do Not Have To Involve Classic Sweets

Don’t forget that baking dessert ideas don’t have to involve classic sweets like chocolate cake or birthday cakes. For instance, if you enjoy coffee cake you can easily substitute that for an electric coffee cake. If you prefer apple pie, there are plenty of apples that you can use to create that unique sweet treat. Don’t feel limited to white frosting when you try different cake recipes either. You can always add a splash of color or choose to go with a flavor you really enjoy. For instance, chocolate chip cake is delightful served with a glaze that’s reminiscent of peaches and cream but which is not actually made from a particular brand of chocolate chips.

Baking desserts don’t have to be a tedious chore either. There are so many easy and delicious recipes available that the next time you are in a pinch you can pick up a simple baking recipe book and whip up a batch of your favorite desserts right in your own kitchen. This is particularly helpful when you have guests around and need something fast and easy to prepare. The good news is that with all the free information available today on baking related topics there’s plenty of great inspiration out there too.

Bottom Line

Don’t let yourself fall prey to old-fashioned ideas about baking desserts. With so many new and creative baking recipes out there you can easily mix up an amazing array of baking desserts. The key is knowing what ingredients to use and how much baking each recipe calls for. You can save money by using discount baking recipes if you’re prepared to experiment. If you make a habit of baking desserts from the tips you read here you’ll soon start to think of baking desserts as a real “pleasure”.

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