Best Dessert Decoration Table Ideas

Dessert Decoration Table

Who doesn’t love desserts? Dessert decoration tables are always tempting and attractive. A well decorated dessert table not only exhibits the fineness of the host but also their love for style. You can give a wonderful and surprising climax to your simple party by introducing a well decorated dessert table in the end. Decorating a dessert table isn’t difficult, especially when you are artistic by heart and you love to surprise your guests. Check out these basic rules and simple ideas to decorate your dessert table and you are done!

Dessert Decoration Table Idea #1: Set A Theme

You should be sure how you want your dessert table to look like. So, the first step of selecting a theme is extremely important. Your theme can vary according to the occasion. Birthday theme is different from that of a wedding theme and the look completely changes if there is a baby shower. That’s why you should first select the theme of your dessert table as it is the focal point of the room. You can express your theme with the help of an appropriate backdrop. You can use printed readymade backdrops or you make customized backdrops as well.

Dessert Decoration Table Idea #2: Number Of Desserts

A close up of a colorful background

Cake as the centrepiece is the ideal decoration for a dessert table. But you can also try variations if you have multiple cakes. You can surround the cake with other desserts like muffins, marshmallows and candies. Arrange them according to size and colour. Also, the plates and trays should go with the theme of your decoration and the desserts should be in sync. Make sure you don’t crowd the table with too many sweets. If there is a lot of variety, try classifying them and put them in groups. This will make your table look organized as well as stylish. Keep the count of designer desserts up to 2 or 3. More than this will create a chaos and the table won’t look as tempting as it should.

Dessert Decoration Table Idea #3: Ditch The Flat Spread

While laying the decoration table, avoid using flat trays and plates only. Try experimenting with bowls and elevated pedestals to showcase your exotic desserts. You can include some designers desserts along with your homemade, regular desserts. Using fancy bowls and colourful pedestals will give your guests a visual treat and they will be tempted towards those mouth-watering desserts on their own. Do not overcrowd the table, rather place the desserts smartly so that they look plenty without overshadowing each other. Strike a balance between the different sized sweets.


Dessert table is the focal point of any party and you don’t need to spend much effort and time to make it attractive and tempting for your guests. Decide upon the desserts that you are planning to include on the table. Keep them close together so that they give off a feeling of abundance. Keep the desserts balanced by using different types of trays, bowls, plates and pedestals. Use other accessories like backdrops, balloons, text balloons and confetti to make it more cheerful. Use appropriate decorations according to the occasion.

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