Brunch Is Good For Weight Loss

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Brunch is an international holiday that has become popular in the last several years. Brunch is a time for getting together with friends before one starts his or her day at work. Brunch is also the time when many couples enjoy romantic evenings in a park to unwind and talk about the recent events happening around them. It’s important to note that brunch is the American version of these activities, where afternoon tea is replaced by a massive breakfast of pancakes and sweet fruit dessert.

An Overview

Brunch has now become part of the US tradition, where a brunch wedding is served in a park or other outdoor area after lunch. Brunch usually involves sharing the cost of the meal, which often involves brunch fare such as brunch sandwiches, brunch eggs, and other savory brunch items. Brunch weddings are also becoming more popular; some brides opt to have a brunch wedding during the week, while others do so on the weekend. Brunch has even crossed cultural and ethnic lines, with couples in Latin America feasting on brunch foods traditionally reserved for their countries during the rest of the week.

The reason why brunch is a great weight loss diet is that the food is typically lower in calories. This makes it easier to stick to your overall diet because you will be eating less. Brunch meals are also typically smaller portions, which make it even easier to eat less than you might think. The trick is knowing how much to eat, which is easy if you plan ahead.

Why Brunch Is Good For Weight Loss

A good way to get into the mood for eating brunch is to create your own special brunch menu. Start with a simple brunch sandwich for starters; this can be a whole-wheat, toasted, or split bread sandwich with a hearty dip. For your second half of the breakfast, include items such as fresh fruit, toast, fresh fruit, eggs, potatoes, sausage, ham, bacon, or other vegetables. For your third and final meal of the day, consider adding some dessert, such as fresh or frozen fruit, muffins, and another light food. Any of these meals will be a good source of protein and carbs for your overall nutrition requirements.

If you aren’t feeling up to snacking during the day, then throw some brunch foods into your lunch box. Salads are a good place to start because they are quick and easy to prepare. You can easily toss together some spinach artichoke quesadillas, or some fresh spinach artichoke quesadillas with a good tossed salad. Other food options for lunch include wraps; however, if you are having it outside, you will want to make sure you have some snacks to grab on the go. Wraps can also be paired with some light bread, bagels, or muffins for a full meal.

If you have plans to indulge in brunch on the weekend, then treat yourself to a nice brunch. You will find that you have more energy throughout the day, because your stomach is full. You can easily make your brunch in advance by storing some of your summer favorites in the refrigerator. You might want to try some of your old favorites like oatmeal cookies, buttered popcorn, or even apple crisp. If you are looking for more energy-rich dishes to pair with your brunch, then enjoy some lentils, quinoa, or other high-nutrient vegetables.

Bottom Line

Finally, remember that you don’t have to limit your brunch menu to one type of food. Try experimenting with various types of fruit, cheese, and nuts! For example, why not go with an espresso coffee cake if you’re having it after lunch? Or, why not take a side of fresh fruit like strawberries with a couple of slices of dark chocolate, instead of having a baguette with dark chocolate or another white chocolate-loving snack cake? Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying a good brunch sometimes; it’s a great way to kick start your day and get rid of those extra pounds.

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