Christmas Dessert Ideas For Parties – What Desserts Can Be Made Using Delicious Christmas Recipes

christmas dessert ideas for parties

Easy homemade Christmas desserts! Title: simple yet tasty holiday treats & Christmas party treats! The ingredients are in the video, and the recipe is so easy anyone can make it. I made this myself and absolutely love it!

For this article, we have created a Christmas dessert recipe that you can use for your next party. In this document, we have provided an image details of the recipe so you can save time when you go to the store. Also, be aware that there may be differences between your computer settings and what your computer display looks like because we have not tested this fully.


A close up of food on a table

Start by opening a new file type software such as “Photoshop” or “FCAD” (free Adobe Acrobat Reader). Find the “DSC” icon and click on it. This will open a window with multiple choices such as “image”, “save as” and “file type”. Choose “image” and click “ok”. Your images are then saved as a TIFF file, so you can edit them later on.

Using the Edit tab on the software menu, you can change the colors of your image details. You will need to do this for each individual slice of cake that you want to decorate with Christmas desserts. If you do not want to change the colors, just deselect the slices by clicking on each slice and choosing “deselect” from the drop down menu. After you have selected all the slices, deselect each one individually again and then repeat the process for the other slices. You can do as many edits as you wish but be sure to save your file type as a.gif file.

Save Your File

A close up of a flower on a table

To save your file as a TIFF, double click on the image details and then pick “save image as” or “paste as”. Using the arrow keys and the space bar, you can arrange your Christmas desserts in any way you like. The arrangement will be printed out as a black and white JPEG file. In order to change the arrangement, go to the Properties panel and in the General tab, select “Fit picture around” and move the sliders to the right to alter the arrangement.

Clip Art Tool

Use the Clip art tool to make a nice border or circle around your picture. When using Clip arts, be sure to choose a size that is large enough to display properly on your website or within your JPG’s. You can also change the background or use the fill patterns to make a collage of photos. Try using the rotate option to change the focus of a photo.

Last Words

Your last step is to add the final touches to your images. To do this, make use of the Move tool to make an outline of your desired background. When you are satisfied with the outline, use the Paintbrush to fill in the outline. Try applying a slight color to the outline to make it stand out. You can use the brightness and contrast options in Photoshop to get a final touch.

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