Christmas Party Dessert Ideas – Baking Soda Dessert

christmas party dessert ideas

There are a variety of Christmas party dessert ideas out there for you to choose from. Whether you have a traditional white Christmas cake, or something more unique, such as a Star Wars cake, you can find it and make it part of your holiday party. But what about the decorations? That can add a festive touch to just about any party!

First, you need to think about the theme of your party. Do you want to have a snowy Christmas theme? If so, then you will want to use snow for the decorations. You can purchase inexpensive silver or gold colored plastic icings and decorate with them on Christmas tree trimmings or on your own homemade holiday table decorations. They make terrific centrepieces for your buffet table, as well!

Christmas Party Dessert Ideas

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Some of the other popular dessert themes that people like are winter, Christmas tree, star, and angel theme parties. If you have a particular pet that you want to have decorated for your Christmas party, you may be able to find pet-themed decorations as well. For example, you can get star shapes and star-shaped candy bars, and even tiny doggies. You can buy small animal-shaped cake toppers or cookie cutters in the shape of animals.

For another Christmas party decoration idea, you might want to try an old-fashioned Danish. This is actually quite easy to make and has wonderful taste. What you will need for this type of dish is a box, a saucepan, a microwave-safe bowl, a measuring cup, and baking soda. Also, you will need enough for the recipe that you will follow to come up with the correct number of servings. One recipe will use about two tablespoons of baking soda to make one serving.


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You will want to make a cake in the shape of a man, woman, or something else that reflects who you are. You can make it any size that you desire, and it can also have frosting that is like chocolate or caramel. You can even decorate it with Christmas themed items such as reindeer, Santa Claus, and lots more! Again, you will want to bake this at the lowest temperature possible, as the chocolate may melt if it is baked at a high temperature.


You can decorate the outside of the Danish by using a little bit of spray paint, as well as using glitter on the outside. You can also add a small piece of ribbon around the handle of the frying pan so that you know where to grab the dish when serving. Your friends and family will love this!

You can also create a chocolate fudge sauce that is flavored with cinnamon and peanut butter. This is great for dipping in chocolate bars or just spreading on top of strawberries. You can add some marshmallows, as well as some chocolate chips. You will want to start out with about two tablespoons of the mixture and add water to make it thinner. You can also add some candy sprinkles on top of the fudge sauce for an extra special touch!

Bottom Line

Chocolate covered pretzels are another popular Christmas dessert idea. You can find packages of these at your local supermarket, and these are easy to make. You just roll out the pretzel dough and cut it into circles. Then, using food coloring, you can paint the pretzels with the Christmas theme colors. You can also use gumdrops or sprinkles on these pretzels to give them a snowy appearance. These are great to take to dinner parties, and you can also freeze these pretzels and take them with you on your next trip.

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