Cool Cute Easter Dessert Ideas

easter dessert ideas

It’s the perfect excuse to get together with the family – or gather up the family and plan a day filled with fun and excitement. If you’re thinking about cooking this holiday, here are some Easter Dessert ideas that are sure to please:

Coconut Cream Puffs

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A simple yet delightful idea is to prepare a traditional fluffy chocolate cake, then top it with a coconut cream puff pastry that is covered in chocolate. Serve this delicious desert with the addition of fruit or a slice of fruit to serve as a desert. A good Easter dessert idea is to make a few extra cookies cut into little cakes that are covered in a cream cheese frosting.

Strawberries Mousse. This great dessert idea calls for some fresh strawberries, cream cheese, and possibly some shredded chocolate. It can be decorated in several ways, including a pretty pattern made using hot pink ribbon and hot pink sprinkles. Another idea is to just use strawberries and an assortment of berries to make a beautiful, smooth mousse. This is one of Easter desserts that families seem to love.

Layer Cake. There are a couple of different kinds of layer cake. One kind is the basic layer cake, which is a type of white cake that has a layer of frosting on top. The second kind is the edible “lollipop” layer cake, which is similar to a traditional wedding cake in that it has a thin layer of frosting between the layers of cake. Both of these are excellent Easter desserts.

Small Carrot Cake Cupcakes. Probably the most traditional of all Easter dessert ideas is the small carrot cake cupcakes. There are many versions of this particular recipe, which make use of both regular sugar and baking powder in a recipe that usually only takes about twenty minutes to prepare. The carrot cake cupcakes are usually topped with a simple layer of cream cheese and powdered sugar. The recipe itself is very easy to handle and is one that can be served as an elegant desert during mealtime or an afternoon snack.

Easter Bunny Cakes. Easter eggs have long been a symbol of Easter, and there are many different types of Easter desserts that are centered around Easter eggs. One of the most common ones is the Easter brunch, which often includes a meal consisting of hash browns, waffles, eggs, pancakes, and various other types of food dishes. A very popular version of this kind of Easter brunch is the rabbit cakes, which are very similar to the chocolate bunny cakes but are typically spiced up with various types of candies. These rabbits are often decorated with icing and then covered with a smooth, white frosting that is meant to resemble the coat of an Easter rabbit.

Punch Bowl Cakes. Another one of the more traditional pastel Easter desserts ideas is the punch-bowl cakes. There are many different types of punch bowl cakes that can be made, including ones that are simply layers of sugar on top of one another or ones that are actually shaped like cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and various other popular characters. This is one of the best types of pastel colored deserts that can be served during the spring and summer months and will typically fit anywhere else, whether it is a large breakfast party at someone’s home or a picnic lunch at a park.

Bottom Line

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Cute Easter Dessert Ideas. There are a lot of cute Easter dessert ideas, whether they involve fruits, cakes, pies, or any other type of dessert that would fit anywhere. One great idea would be to serve chocolate eclairs, which are sort of a cross between ice cream and gelato parlor treat and a coffee drinker’s delight. There are also lots of other ideas that can be found in the Ultimate Guide to Easter Desserts.

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