Delicious New Year’s Eve Dessert Ideas

new years dessert ideas

Some are easy to make, others require some work on your part. Either way, these desserts will be a big hit at this year’s party!

First up is the classic Chocolate Fountain Cake. This one just requires some melted chocolate, a crust to hold it down, some butter, some fondant, some sprinkles and a couple of other things you probably already have! You simply roll out the fondant, spread the melted chocolate on it, and then stick it down. Then scrape off the excess chocolate and stick the finished product into your cupcake tin. Make sure your cake comes out perfectly round.

Another delicious idea is to make an extravagant Chocolate Mint Julep. This is pretty easy to make if you have a mixing bowl and a measuring cup. You just mix the ingredients together and pour in the cool mixture, followed by your ice cream or milk and then your mint leaves, then some whipped cream and whatever other additions you want. You can use the gum to top off this dessert if you want to, but it’s not necessary.

Something that people seem to really enjoy at New Years is desert. This can vary greatly from an easy to make Chocolate Chip Cookies to an elaborate dessert such as a Torte De Mieux. Again, you can make these dishes any way you want. Just remember that an elegant desert is as much about the presentation as it is about the flavors.

For dessert, you might also want to try some other popular desserts this year. One of the favorites is called Eggs and bacon cookies. These are very simple to make, just boil some potatoes with some bacon grease and then cut up the pieces. Put them onto a cookie sheet and bake them until they’re done. Then simply take them off of the cookie sheet and cut them into whatever size pieces you want.

Another popular dessert idea is called frozen yogurt. If you happen to have a store where you buy yogurt, then that’s a great place to go shopping for frozen yogurt. You can also make your own, just be sure to use the high-quality yogurt that has the thick and creamy flavor. This dessert is easy to make and you will absolutely love the taste once you eat it.

Chocolate covered pretzel would also be a nice choice for a New Year’s Eve dessert. You can get the traditional pretzel bars or you can buy the kind that comes in a box. Either way, you’re going to have a huge hit on your hands. You can put the chocolate covered pretzels on a silver tray that matches the theme you’re using for your party, or you can leave them plain.

Final Words

A woman holding a plate of food on a table

Some other good ideas for New Year’s Eve desserts include cookies and cake mix that are packed full of holiday flavors. You can go with traditional cinnamon or chocolate chip flavors, but you can also experiment with nutmeg, lemon zest, and other spices that you can find in your local grocery store. The key is to make sure that your fruits and vegetables are fresh. You don’t want to settle for canned fruit, or frozen fruit that’s been cooked already.

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