Dessert Plate Decoration — So That Everyone Falls In Love With It In The First Sight!

A bowl of food on a plate

It is important that all foods are served in a decorative way. It doubles the thrill of having it. Food must be served in such a way that the person to whom it is served loves not only the taste of it but also loves the way the food is presented. Likewise, dessert plates should also be decorated.

Some Tips Which You May Keep In Mind To Decorate A Dessert Plate Beautifully

A piece of chocolate cake on a plate

1. Decorate The Plate In Such A Way That It Looks Colourful!

Sometimes, splashing colors in food makes it look more attractive. For example, a

a chocolate brownie can go with vibrant berries or dry fruits, a strawberry pastry can look lovely if violet berries are added to it, etc.

2. Composing A Plate And Making It Picture Perfect!

Fill in the desserts on the plate in such a way that it becomes picture-perfect. You may place them in a diagonal fashion or just at the edges or in some other way so that it looks ravishing.

3. Try Contrasting Temperatures!

Sometimes contrasting temperatures on a dessert plate can be extremely tempting. A brownie with ice cream is a favorite of many of us.

4. Don’t Make The Dessert Very Tall!

Sometimes, if the slice of cake is made to stand upright, it may fall or topple, so to avoid it, it is advisable to lay it down on the plate.

5. Try Keeping Consistency In The Decoration!

The decoration on the dessert plate should be consistent. Different designs may make it look clumsy.

6. Try Combining Textures!

Items of different textures, when combined, taste excellent and also look beautiful.

Some Items With Which We Can Decorate Our Dessert Plates

A piece of chocolate cake on a plate

1. Syrup

Sometimes adding syrup to the dessert does not just make it tasty but also makes it look very beautiful.

2. A Piece Of Chocolate

Adding chocolates on the top of ice creams or pastries make it look sweet.

3. Sliced Fruits

Fresh fruits can be added to the custard or any other dessert items to make it look even more attractive.

4. Cookies

Sometimes coupling cookies with pastries or ice-creams can enhance the taste of the desert.

5. Crushed Nuts Or Berries

The addition of crushed nuts, dry fruits, or berries to the dessert makes it extremely tempting.

6. Tuiles

The addition of tuiles to your dessert enhances both the beauty and its taste.


Decorating a dessert plate makes it more appetizing and mouth-watering. People

who are not much into having desserts may also get attracted to it. A proper

garnish not only makes it look beautiful but also adds flavor to the dessert. However,

we should also keep in mind that making it clumsy or too elaborate can actually spoil

the main dish.

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