Easy Keto Lemon Cheesecake Recipe Variations

low carb lemon cheesecake

Low Carb Lemon Cheesecake is something that people in all walks of life love. I personally like that it has such a wonderful natural lemon flavor to it. Have you tried Low Carb Sugar Free Lemon Cheesecake Bars lately? This is yet another great low carb dessert idea that works really well for desserts.

This recipe is actually more about being a lemons cake instead of a traditional sheet cake (which is okay). The ingredients needed to make this recipe are basically the same as you would find a regular sheet cake. You will need eggs, lemon juice, and sugar. For the low carb lemon cheesecake recipe, you will not need any additional sweeteners to sweeten it up like corn syrup or sugar.

As far as recipes go, low carb lemon cheesecake recipes can vary on the ingredients only. If you have never made a traditional, baked dessert with a sweet glaze or topping, you might be thinking.

What is so special about low carb lemon cheesecake recipes? 

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Well, the difference comes from the ingredients. If you make regular, baked desserts you will use lots of sugar, oil, and butter. If you make them with a sweet glaze you will only have to add in some simple sugar.

These ingredients take longer to work, which results in a lower cooking time. With a traditional dessert you can get away with a shorter cooking time because the pan is hotter. When you cook a low carb lemon cheesecake using a traditional oven or bake time takes about twenty minutes. This is due to the texture and elasticity of the cake as it cooks.

However, your baking dish may not be hot enough, as the cake mixture will need to cook faster. This means you need to bake at a lower temperature. It is possible to bake this dessert in a traditional oven but you can also use a microwave. You do not want to use the full power settings because this mixture can become heavy. A microwave will still give you plenty of options when it comes to the recipe. The amount of lemon cheesecake you end up making will depend on your taste and the ingredients you have on hand.

Common mistakes:

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One of the biggest concerns people have when trying out low carb lemon cheesecake recipes is how much they will like the flavor. If you make a mistake and use too much maple syrup it will not be delicious. Some people prefer a very sweet flavor and using just lemon juice and zest can give the recipe a milder flavor. Other people have a preference for bitter orange and will only enjoy citrus flavors with their low carb lemon cheesecake recipe. Just make sure you are using a low calorie sweetener and this should not affect the flavor.

Another concern for many is whether they can get the right texture if they use a blender. There is no clear answer to this question. You can certainly use a blender and this will help get some of the air out of the mixture, which improves its texture. If you do not own a blender you can also use a food processor and you will likely get a better consistency. No matter which method you choose, you are likely to have an easy keto lemon cheesecake recipe once you get over the initial hurdle.


Because these recipes usually call for eggs as a protein there are many who claim they are not as healthy as low carb recipes. While this nutritional information varies depending on which source you use, there is no doubt that eggs are healthier than eating a burger with no vegetables. Still, you might be able to find healthier options such as non-baked chicken breasts or Tuna salad. Just be sure to read any recipe carefully before baking it and check the nutritional information after you eat it. That way you can be certain you are getting the healthy diet food you want while still staying within the confines of the diet.

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