Easy Ways To Prepare Delicious Plate Decorations For Dessert Party

plate decoration dessert

The Plate Decoration Dessert is an edible flower or ornament that guests give to their elders on their birthday, wedding anniversary or on their special occasion. It is also very popular during the Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, Spring Festival and Valentine’s Day all over the world. The Plate decoration dessert is commonly made of fruits, flowers, jellies, ice cream, almonds etc. Some of the famous desserts made from flower ornaments are listed below.

Red berries have the characteristic taste of bitter melon. It is prepared using ripe plums, water chestnut and sugar cane as its ingredients. Red jacket has a thick consistency and thus it needs to be wrapped in a cloth so that it can maintain its shape. It is then decorated with fruit designs.

Type Of Dessert

A close up of a cake

The second type of dessert is the Pink Lady, which is also called the Sultana tutu. This dessert consists of a cake and a variety of fruits. The cake is pink in color and hence it can be decorated using vibrant colors of Mandarin, lemon, orange, yellow and red. The various fruit arrangements made with this tutu include a combination of Mandarin, lemon, chocolate and red. A small portion of the dessert can also be soaked in milk and used to prepare fruit salad.

The third type of dessert recipe is the Orange Pouch cake which is made of sweetened orange juice. It is decorated using fruits such as oranges, limes and grapes. The cake can also be soaked in orange juice and used to make a savory pudding. An alternative of this fruit preparation is the Chewy Orange Pouch.

The fourth variety of dessert recipes available in the market includes the Carrot Cake. This cake consists of rice flour, raisins, coconut and carrot powder. The sweetened fruit is placed on the center of the cake. The cake can be decorated by adding pieces of candied ginger, chocolates, almonds and dates or honey.

A Special Preparation Of This Dessert

A cake made to look like a face

The fifth variety is the Gingko Biloba cake. It is made up of rice as well as fruits including anise, mango, cardamom and fennel. The main ingredients used in this dessert are rice flour, dried plums, dried pineapples, goji berries, green leaves and gelatine. A special preparation of this dessert requires boiling water which is then poured over the gelatin. Afterward, the cake is cut into pieces and the solids are drained off through small straws.

The sixth variety is the Amaranth cake. This is made from semolina, wheat flour, nuts and coconut. It is made by mixing all these ingredients together. However, the dessert tastes better if you have added a little sweetener. Some people also add some raisins in order to give it a slightly bitter taste.

Imagination And Creativity

There are many other types of dessert recipes that you can try out for preparing desserts. For instance, you can also prepare fruit salads. You can even take a shot at preparing fruit salads using your imagination and creativity. You can use strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and pineapple in order to make your fruit salad unique. These recipes will not only leave you spoiled but satisfied too.

You can also try out fruit kabobs. This is an easy recipe that does not require a great deal of effort on your part. It is made by taking chunks of apples and placing them on the grill. Then, you need to cook them in hot oil until they get soft. You can also garnish your fruit kabobs with honey or strawberries.

You can also take a shot at creating some yummy pies. This dessert mainly consists of mashed fruits along with sweet syrup. You need to prepare the pie dough first. You can also garnish your dessert with fresh fruits, fresh berries and pineapples.


So, now that you know how easy it is to prepare these plate decoration desserts, you should be all set to try out different types of dessert recipes. If you have tasted success with one type of dessert then you can move on to another. You can create your own dessert mixture which can be very tasty. Just make sure that you are following the recipe properly and you will be able to achieve plate decorations that will be memorable for a long time.

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