Fruit Dessert Decoration Ideas Are The Next Future Trend For Weddings!

Fruit Dessert Decoration Ideas

Have you ever heard of fruit dessert decoration ideas? Well, if not, this guide is for you. If you want to turn your wedding into an unforgettable occasion, these fruit decoration thoughts will add a honey touch.

The wedding time is here! Whether it’s mammoth layers of cake or a doughnut tower, or a table piled up with sweets, it’s easy to awestruck your guests. But what when you make your big day even bigger with the stunning decoration of fruits. One can’t even imagine how these delicious and amazing fruits can stand out at your wedding.

Flowers always rule like an undefeatable king on any occasion, but fresh fruit decoration is the trend on its way!

Dessert bars are one of the most striking choices of every wedding couple. To have a paradise dessert table with fruit decoration will be all you want in your big fat wedding.

Have a scanning at the impressive and creative fruit decoration minds:

1. Bouquet

A cheerful addition of fruits in your wedding bouquet can be like the cherry on top! The branches of kumquat fruits will give a charming look to the orange and pink blooms. Even a few other fruit series of limes, apples, grapes, and lemons will add an exceptional look. 

2. Invitations

To have an invitation card with a vibrant motif of citrus accompanied by some black and white leaves will leave any guest go wow seeing it. So force your guest to give your envelop liners the best kudos they can.

3. Table Embellishments

Infuse or incorporate fruits on the wedding dining table. With low centerpieces and fresh peaches, both are a perfect fusion of fruit decorations for a wedding.

4. Appetizers

Amaze your guest with some fresh servings of diced fruits or berries at every sitting. It will give an enthralling look when everyone takes their seats.

5. Table Numbers

Creative Table Numbering in the fruit dessert decoration
Creative Table Numbering

The greenish or brownish crowns of pineapples can be one of the most beautiful fruit decorations ideas. You can showcase your table numbers with these crowns, especially when the wedding is at the beach or near an island!

6. Centerpieces

The decoration of fresh fruits only can accentuate your wedding table. No overdose of decoration is needed. You can choose to place apples and grapes that are local from your venue.

7. Fruity Cocktails

Fresh fruit beverages add a tasty and refreshing choice in any wedding. So, drape your cocktail station or wedding bar with clusters of your local or favorite fruit drinks.

8. Menus

Menu Card inspired by fruit dessert decoration
Menu Card

To carry forward the trend of fruit decorations, menu cards are the perfect idea for it. Such a menu card features various colorful details of the entire buffet.

9. Wedding Cake

What if a cake has fruit decoration? When fruits will be residing all over on the wedding table, leave no stone unturned to make it the best. Decorate the cake with actual and fresh fruits rather than with some pomegranate seeds, figs, or berries.

We hope these fruit-decoration ideas will be your next wedding decoration inspiration!

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