Healthy Desserts: Kids Love ‘Em But You Probably Do Too

no bake healthy dessert

With the rise in the number of people who are becoming more health conscious, more people are trying to find products that are high in nutritious value as well as taste. Healthy baking is also gaining more popularity because it is fun to make and provides healthy alternatives to traditional food choices. While these products were once associated with “tasteless” deserts, healthy recipes for no bake treats are now gaining more fans among the health-conscious crowd. The following tips will help you choose and enjoy this highly nutritious dessert.

While it may be hard to find a recipe that uses whole-wheat flour, finding one that has a few ingredients added with vegetable shortening or some type of shortening as an ingredient can be cooked in a no bake skillet. This cuts down on the overall amount of fat used when cooking the recipe. Whole wheat flour can be used to make a breakfast smoothie. These healthy smoothies can also be enjoyed by substituting sour cream and yogurt for whole-wheat.

An Easy No Bake Recipe

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An easy no bake recipe is to take fresh fruit, such as apple or peach, and add a healthy dose of low fat milk. It is best to keep the fruit at room temperature throughout the preparation. For example, if you want to make a strawberry smoothie, place strawberries in a glass of water and add one packet of frozen blueberries. The amount of liquid can be adjusted according to your tastes. In addition, add yogurt and low fat milk to make a delicious healthy cereal.

To make a lemonade drink, simply add either vanilla extract or lemon juice to smoothies. It is important not to add too much lime as it makes the drink too sour. Also, it is important not to use too many fruits in this drink. You should try to use a combination of fruits such as banana, and orange. This can be blended with a small amount of milk and then served with crackers. You can also add a sprig of peppermint and cinnamon to this recipe to add a little bit of zest to the recipe.

Use Fruit Juice And Maple Syrup

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Another popular no bake recipe is to use fruit juice and maple syrup in the making of a no-bake, healthy dessert. You will need about two to three servings of fruits, such as bananas, apples, or peaches. Pureed fruits can also be added to this mix for an extra sweet twist. You can also add yogurt for a creamy consistency. You can also add sugar-free candy bars or honey to the mix for a healthier treat.

Fruit As An Alternative To Dinner Treat

Fruit is also great if you are looking for a great after dinner treat. Use ripe bananas, cantaloupe, or strawberries to make a delicious and nutritious after dinner snack. You can also add cereal, nut butter, and granola for a satisfying dessert. You can also add fruit slices to your oatmeal. For an easy, no-bake breakfast option, you can add raisins or dried fruit slices to your morning oatmeal.

Final Words

No bake desserts are a great way to get your kids involved in the kitchen. However, if you have children who have a sweet tooth, be sure to keep the sugar intake at a minimum. The key to enjoying a healthy fruit-baking experience is in the preparation and not the dessert. By using fruit and a little creativity, you can create a no-bake, healthy dessert that they will love.

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