Low Carb Dessert Ideas You May Want To Try At Home

A bowl of fruit and vegetable salad

Enjoying a sweet dessert to your heart’s content while staying focused on your fitness goals can be challenging. Here are a few low carb dessert ideas you can try out to enjoy a practically guilt-free dessert. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while sacrificing the sweets you love is extremely hard. When you are trying hard to cut up on sugar, but your sweet tooth is craving some desserts, there are plenty of low carb dessert options given below to satisfy your cravings without sacrificing the result of your daily exercise routine.

Low Carb Dessert Ideas – Keto Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

This quick keto chocolate mousse takes very little time to get ready and has approximately only 6.9g of carbs per serving in it. Just put everything in the bowl and mix it properly. Within minutes you will have a delicious dessert to please your sweet tooth and healthy for your particular diet. Remember to use any keto-friendly granular sweetener and cocoa powder in accordance with your taste.

Blueberry Coconut Ice Cream

Blueberry Ice Cream

Who said that desserts couldn’t be fully vegan? Here’s a low carb dessert idea for a hot day, which has only 5.5g of carbs per serving in it. This dessert takes approximately 40 minutes to get ready, but this healthy, sugar-free dessert will sweetly cover-up for the long preparation time once prepared.

Low Carb Dessert Ideas – Raspberry Vanilla Protein Smoothie

Craving for a sweet, quick smoothie? This low carb dessert is surely going to be your go-to dessert. Preparation time is less than 7 minutes. This smoothie has about 21g of carbs and offers a healthy way to stay full for a long time without overloading your sugar. Raspberry is chosen for this smoothie because fruits like bananas, mangoes, or strawberries can increase the number of carbs you consume.

Choco-swirl Cheesecake

For all the fitness fanatics yet chocolate lovers out there, here’s another low carb dessert idea to fulfill your cravings. With only 7.3g of carbs per serving, it has a long preparation time but is worth every minute yours in the kitchen. This low carb cheesecake is a delicious treat for not only you but also your friends. Best served chilled. It is extremely good for your low carb diet.

Low Carb Dessert Ideas – Frozen Yogurt Cupcakes

With a preparation time of fewer than 15 minutes, these sweet and cold cupcakes have as low as 4.3g of carbs in it per serving. Made using Greek yogurt and some fresh fruits, each mini cupcake is extremely delicious to enjoy with family and friends. To finish off these mouth-watering mini cupcakes, you can also sprinkle a few chocolate chips to offer a luscious flavor.


Even though maintaining a low carb diet while exercising daily can look like a huge obstacle, it is fairly not that difficult. Staying focused on your priorities should be your number one goal, and in between, you can enjoy these low carb dessert ideas for a delicious treat. You can even search the internet for more ideas according to your taste and choice.

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