Quick And Healthy Snack Bites

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Quick and Healthy Snacks can prove to be a challenge for many. We do a lot to give the best nutrition and nourishment to our families. We encourage exercising, playing sports, healthy activities, etc. However, in a time of rush, when kids are running out of the house to get to places in time, it gets challenging to keep up. Many families go for on the go snacks that are often very unhealthy. We are careful about what we include in the main meals of the day. But we also need to watch the snacks. Unhealthy snacks can completely undo the good that the other meals are doing.

Quick And Healthy Snack Bites
Quick And Healthy Snack Bites

Making Quick And Healthy Snack Bites

Making healthy snacks does not need to be a challenging job. It can be easy and quick and also tasty. Ingredients are essential for any food item. So, we will incorporate some nutritious elements into our healthy snacks. The snack bites use flax. Flax contains omega-three fatty acids that are very good for us. They also help maximize the Vitamin E content and folic acid. However, using flax cuts down the fat considerably. You can also use wheat germ instead of flax. If you want to reduce sugar, cut down on the chocolate chips as well. These snacks are full of whole grains, fiber, and protein.


Here are all the ingredients you need to make these snack bites. You can adjust some of these as per your requirements. They are readily available as well. Also, you can add or take away ingredients to make the result healthier, tasty, or cut down on calories and sugar.

Cooking oats – 1 cup

Coconut flakes -1 cup

Natural Peanut butter – ½ cup

Honey – 1/3 cup

Ground flaxseed meal – ¼ cup

Toasted wheat germ – ¼ cup

Chocolate chips – ¼ cup

Vanilla extract – 1 tsp


  1. Add the ingredients to a bowl, leaving out the chocolate chips that go in later.
  2. Mix and stir well until all the ingredients are combined well together.
  3. Add the chocolate chips (decide on the quantity as you want).
  4. Stir the mixture again, so the chocolate chips combine well with the rest.
  5. Shape the ingredients into small balls.
  6. Place them in airtight containers and store them as needed.
Quick And Healthy Snack Bites
Quick And Healthy Snack Bites

Why You Should Try These

These snack bites can be refrigerated. Hence, you do not need to make them every day. You can make them in big batches once and store them away for weeks. Also, you can be picky with the ingredients. The recipe is extremely easy, and it is quite a time saving as well. When you get a handle on it, you can try the same thing with other ingredients. You can substitute one component for another depending on your nutrient requirements. It is hard to get healthy stuff into kids, but through this recipe, you can do so now. But, more importantly, taking care of your kids and making snacks for them do not have to be time-consuming.

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