Rustic Dessert Decorations Using Apples and Appleseed

rustic dessert decoration

When it comes to rustic dessert decoration, there are a lot of ideas to choose from. It’s almost like an art form. Each one of these beautifully crafted cakes will speak volumes about the person making it. A perfect example of this is a rustic apple cake. The fruit is center stage, and the creation of this particular cake goes back many years. This type of cake doesn’t really have a specific recipe, but rather just the fruits of the earth and baking them into a unique creation.

There are several different ideas for decorating an apple cake. For instance, you can use dried apples instead of fresh. You can even make the skin from the apple peel and then cover it with icing to make the cake look like it was created out of the bark of the apple tree. The addition of small apples or even just small pieces of cherries can make all the difference in the cake.

Painted Cake

A piece of cake sitting on top of a wooden table

If you have an artist’s touch, you could create a painted figure that is painted onto the cake. This could be done using the natural colors of the fruit. This can also be achieved by tinting it with the same shade of green as the apples. You could also choose to paint a scene onto the cake. Make it something such as a beautiful landscape, or something else of the like. Just make sure that the paint used is appropriate, and that there is plenty of room to move around the painted figure.

One other idea for decorating a rustic apple cake would be to coat the cake in a lighter shade of brown. Then, you could coat the entire cake in the same brown color. Another way to create the appearance of being in the mountains, would be to smear some brown coloring on the cake. Let it dry before you put it on the cake. This gives the cake an appealing feel to it, much like it was made in the mountains.

Use Frosting

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One final way to give your cake that rustic look is to use some frosting. Choose a light shade of frosting to be used on the apple cake. This adds a nice subtle touch to the cake. Using a darker frosting on the cake, would give it the appearance of being covered in lichen. This would be a nice addition to an otherwise more natural-looking cake.

Decorating the cake can easily get messy if you are working with more than one apple. Therefore, you might want to consider having an assistant with you when you are decorating this particular type of cake. Having someone to help you with this type of cake, can really make things go a lot smoother. The two of you can each select a piece of fruit and then work to create a design that will represent you. You can even choose to add a little twist to the design by putting a red apple on top, or by using other fruits.

Use Apple Wedges

For an even simpler decorating idea, you could create a simple pattern by using apple wedges. These wedges will create an outline for the cake that will serve as the main focal point of the cake. It will give you the opportunity to work around the different pieces of fruit. You will also have a better idea of how much you will need to create. Having a few extra apples can help you make sure you have enough to create the design you like.


Rustic decoration is always best done with natural-looking products. This means using fruit peelings, crushed pineapple, brown sugar, nuts, dried flowers, and anything else that is going to realistically create the feel and environment you are trying to achieve. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a great cake. With a little imagination and a lot of hard work, you can create the best cake in town using fruit peelings, apple seeds, peaches, blueberries, pineapples, and just about any other fruit that you can think of!

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