Simple Dessert Table Decoration Ideas

simple dessert table decoration

Simple Dessert Table Decorations can be decorated as you like it and there are no right or wrong answers in that matter. The key is to start somewhere and take a step by step approach. I will give you an example. If you were going to use the desert for the centerpiece of your buffet table, you would start by placing a votive candle on the middle of the desert and drape it over with twine and arrange some fresh fruits, nuts and cake to fill the table. That is a simple dessert to serve at the reception.

An Overview

A cake with fruit on top of a table

But what if instead of dessert you wanted to serve fruit, cake or whatever your heart desires? You could place the fruit on the table in small round shapes. You could also use small cute glasses filled with water or punch made from punch mix and place those on the sides of the round piece of fruit. You could place small packets of popcorn on the ends and some nice fresh fruit pieces placed in the middle of the popcorn for a nice decoration.

Or you could use chocolate to create a simple decoration. For that, you will need a piece of chocolate and a fork to melt the chocolate. Use the fork to mold the chocolate into the shape of a ball with a little water inside. Place that on the side of a plain piece of cake or cupcake and you have a simple ice cream cake for dessert.

You can make a simple decoration out of sponge. Just wrap a sponge in a piece of wax paper and poke two holes on the top for your eyes to see through. Use the remaining wax paper to decorate as you like.

Simple Decoration

A plate of food

Making a decoration from candy can also be very simple. All you need is a piece of candies, a piece of cut fruit, a fork and a cup or bowl. Take the candy piece and place it on the side of the plain piece of cake or cupcakes and you have a simple candy cake for dessert. You could also just use a simple candy bar as your decoration. Again you would only need a fork and some hot air to blow it out.

Flowers can also add a simple elegance to a simple dessert table. Using flowers in your decorations makes them more beautiful and they also add life to a room. Choose some red roses or some blue ones for a Valentine’s Day decoration. If you don’t want to spend money on flowers, you can always make your own simple flower arrangement using flowers that you buy at a craft store.

One last decoration you might consider is a piece of art. Art pieces are very easy to make. You can use any piece of art paper and you could trace your artwork onto the piece of paper with the use of a pen or marker.

Fruit Decoration

If you are planning on making a centerpiece for your simple dessert table then you can choose any type of fruit. You can also use different kinds of candies but keep in mind to match them up with the style and design of your centerpiece. Make sure you also remember to add some candles in your design. Candles make simple decorations but are very impressive at the same time.

A simple dessert table is very easy to make if you remember to follow these simple steps. It doesn’t require you to have a lot of decorating skills so you can really start making one if you are planning to use it as a simple way to add some color to your room. Once you start to decorate tables with simple ideas you will find that after a while even simple tables are turning into beautiful places. This will also be a nice break from the stressful and hectic life that most of us lead.


There are lots of decorations you can buy from the local store. These decorations will not only make your room colorful but they are also very simple to use. However if you really want to impress your guests try to look for something a little more unique to make your decoration stand out from the rest.

You can also try to make some decorations yourself. Making decorations could not be easier when you have all the materials you need at home. You will find this very relaxing and a lot of fun as you will be spending your time doing something you love. A simple dessert table is a great place to gather with friends and family while having some desserts.

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