The Desert no-bake icebox cake

No-bake icebox cake is a dessert that’s made with cookies and whipped cream. It’s often served as squares, but can also be served as bars or pie slices.

The Layers of No-bake Icebox cake

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The bottom layer is typically made from crushed cookies (like wafers or graham crackers) and then topped with a creamy mixture that usually includes whipped cream and pudding mix. The top layer is generally just more whipped cream to help keep the layers together and to give each slice of no-bake icebox cake a dreamy look.

The Recipes

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You will find many different recipes out there for no-bake icebox cake – so we’ve decided to compile some of our favourites here. We’ll start you off with the classic version, but you can find many other recipes too.

We’ve also got a list of some great toppings for no-bake icebox cake at the end of this article! So if you’re looking for something to jazz up your normal recipe – just skip right down to it.

How do we make no-bake icebox cake?

Before starting, crush your wafers or graham crackers into very small pieces. While they won’t have to be perfectly crushed, the smaller they are – the easier time you will have mixing them with the whipped cream layer later on. Also, keep in mind that once these are crushed – they will not be able to be used as a bottom layer.

Next, prepare your whipped cream and pudding mix to make the creamy mixture. Simply combine the two and set them aside for now. You can use any flavour of instant pudding or jello – we’ve included some suggestions below:

Also, feel free to add some liquor (or not) into your no-bake icebox cake! We’re sure this would be good with some Kahlua in the mixture just as well as it would taste without it! While you can certainly leave out any liquors that you don’t care for, they will surely give your dessert just another tasty kick! But if you are serving these types of desserts to guests who might have an objection to alcohol…we’d suggest leaving it out altogether.

Once you’ve got your crushed cookie layer and creamy mixture finished, it’s time to start layering them! First spread out the crushed cookies into the bottom of a pan (or dish). Then spoon or pipe on some of that delicious creamy mixture right on top of the crushed cookies. Repeat this process until you have enough for however many layers you’d like. Then top off with any additional whipped cream! Just be careful not to mix up your layers too much by being too rough with your stirring…we want it nice and pretty!

Also, remember – don’t try to make these all at once unless you have a lot of hands helping! These are best assembled one layer at a time so they aren’t sitting around waiting to be served. Once assembled, you can keep them in the refrigerator until ready to serve!

And remember…don’t forget to add some toppings to your no-bake icebox cake if desired!

Kind of chocolate wafers

Famous Chocolate Wafers, which is used most of the time in no-bake icebox cakes. You can find them conveniently packaged in 6 individually wrapped packages of two stacked wafer cookies each. They are thin and crispy and made from real chocolate.

Look for them in the cookie aisle near the ice cream cones at your local grocery store. I’m sure there are other brands, but Famous Chocolate Wafers is one of the best. They work wonderfully for this cake! You can substitute Famous Chocolate Wafers with vanilla wafers or gingersnaps if you wish.

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