The Exotic Carmelized Dessert Decorations

carmelized dessert decoration pieces

Melted chocolate is one of the many carmelized dessert decoration pieces that are widely available these days. These pieces are popularly used for decorations on various occasions and celebrations. You can find various designs in the form of flowers, fruits, cartoon characters, leaves and lots more. The chocolate pieces have undergone a tremendous process which makes them melt easily.

An Overview


During this process, the ingredients that are mixed together usually include cocoa powder, eggs, butter, vanilla, vegetable fat and a lot of sugar. You can also add some coloring agents to give your creation a unique appearance. However, you need to be careful while using such products. It should never be over added as it will make the decoration spoil. Some of the people who are experts at creating such products make use of food colorants for giving it a particular shade.

Today, carmelized cake and other decorative pieces are gaining popularity worldwide. They look absolutely stunning when incorporated in any kind of occasions. If you are looking to gift someone then they would make the perfect gift. When decorated beautifully, it creates a good impression on the receiver.

Saving Tips 


If you wish to save money then you can also bake these items yourself. Homemade cakes are cheaper and healthier. Moreover, you can also save a lot of time and energy by doing it yourself. The process used for creating these items is simple. All you need to do is melt the chocolate and pour the melted chocolate into small moulds.

You can also add some nuts and raisins so that it becomes attractive. A lot of people love to eat chocolates but they are not very good for their health. Hence, these chocolates are an excellent alternative that helps in saving the body from various diseases. Carmelized brownies are another form of this dessert. It has similar ingredients like chocolate but it has more of a caramel flavor to it.

In order to make it more attractive, you can also try decorating these pieces using edible paper. There are different types of paper that you can use for this purpose. The pieces are simply melted and then coated with the desired color. For example, you can have blue carmelized pieces made using white colored paper while you can have brown pieces made using red colored paper.

Famous Types Of Pieces 

There are various types of these pieces available in the market. You can buy them in big boxes or tubes. Small pieces are also available in bags and jars. You can have them wrapped in foil or you can wrap them individually with papers and place them inside the bags or jars. Depending on your preference, you can choose to have plain or personalized designs on your pieces.

Today, most people like baking cookies, cupcakes and pies. If you are also planning to buy carmelized pieces for your cakes, you should think about buying plain ones. This will help you to save some money as well because plain carmelized cookie will cost you less than those with personalized designs. If you want to add more flavors to your cookies, you can bake with different flavors of the carmelized part. For instance, you can bake with lemon, strawberry or marshmallow.

There are also different types of carmelized cookies available. You can choose between sugar cookie and chocolate chip. Cookies that have milk or butters flavoring are best when you have guests over. This will make your guests feel special because these pieces are usually loved by children.

You can also buy different types of carmelized pieces for your wedding cake. You can have heart-shaped pieces, rose pieces, wedding themed pieces, cake toppers made of caramels and many more. If you are having a themed wedding then this is the best choice for you. These pieces are also very easy to decorate. You can write something on the cake using icing to make it look like a scene from a story.


You can also write messages on them. Today, you can have them personalized using laser technology. There are also those that are frosted in a way that you can write something on them using fondant. When you want to give these as gifts to your loved ones you can add some edible gifts to your list. The most popular gift is chocolates but you can also get something else to surprise the person.

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