Try These Healthy Dessert Smoothies

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This set of healthy smoothie recipes includes the highest-rated and most requested healthy fruit and vegetable juices. All of these juices are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidant minerals, fiber, and protein. And they’re all made with only natural ingredients, like frozen fruits, natural fruit juices, yogurt and soy milk, and natural add-ons like nuts, coconut, and peanut butter.

Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

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This strawberry smoothie is a favourite for a reason: it’s delicious! For this dish, make sure to use cranberry juice that has been sweetened with juicy and fruity. Otherwise, your smoothies can contain a lot of needless toppings and artificial additives. New strawberries are a fantastic addition to a kid-friendly strawberry smoothie recipe when strawberries are in season. This dish will also benefit from a sprig of mint as a garnish.

Blueberry Fruit Juices

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It’s difficult to think of a more nutritious lunch or brunch than a berry fruit smoothie. These cranberry smoothies require less than ten minutes to produce with just four ingredients. This recipe is easy enough for children to cook on their own. Organic frozen blueberries are recommended. If you prefer to use new oranges, add some ice and a quarter cup less pineapple juice.

Chocolate Banana Smoothies

This is a chocolate-lovers’ balanced smoothie mix. Banana smoothies have the same consistency as a banana chocolate milkshake or frozen coffee shop drinks, but they’re way better. With pineapple, almond milk, vanilla, yoghurt, and chocolate hazelnuts, we made chocolate smoothies (Nutella). Instead of chocolate hazelnut spread, try this recipe for homemade chocolate nut butter. Any meal can have a boost of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

Green Smoothies

This healthy green recipe gets its vibrant color from fresh kale. Kale is loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein, but it can be a little bit bitter. This green recipe solves that problem by pairing kale with sweet pineapple chunks, vanilla yogurt, coconut juice, and pineapple. When kids try to eat these healthy green juices, they’ll ask you to repeat it over and over again.

Watermelon Smoothie

It’s amazing how great it is that only three simple ingredients can taste. This watermelon smoothie recipe is made with just chunks of fresh melon, milk, vanilla yogurt, and maple syrup. The watermelon slices are frozen first to make the fruit juice refreshing and icy. This natural fruit juice is the perfect choice on a hot summer day.

Peach Juice Recipe

Although you won’t have to wait for peach season to make a peach juice recipe (because it can be made with frozen peaches), this one tastes like summer. Fresh and full of vibrant fruit flavor, these peach smoothies are guaranteed to be a hit with anyone trying them.

 Last One: Chocolate Strawberry Smoothies

This strawberry-chocolate smoothie recipe is perfect for satisfying your sweet baby in a super healthy way. Made with strawberries, vanilla yogurt, milk, pineapple juice, chocolate chips, and cocoa powder, this is one of those smoothies that taste like dessert but healthy enough to serve breakfast.

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