Try These Pot Luck Dessert Ideas And Make Your Get Together Party More Interesting

pot luck dessert ideas

Everyone loves to try their hands on dessert and even some people take less meals so that they can enjoy the dessert in the end. When it comes to making it, so many pot luck dessert ideas available in the market confuse the person. The desserts should be easy to share and easy to transport from one place to another. You cannot have an idea that takes so much time and effort. We have compiled some of the best pot luck dessert ideas for everyone to try. 

Peanut Butter Scotcheroos

A close up of a chocolate cake

If you are not aware about scotcheroos, you should definitely try it. We are sure when you have these desserts in your pot luck party, everyone will appreciate you. Mash-up of peanut butter and Rice Krispies added with melted medley of chocolate and butterscotch chips make this dessert. We are sure it will be a crowd-pleaser.

Homemade Cookies

A plate of food on a table

There is nothing as good as cooking because everyone likes it. You have different options to try like vegan, gluten-free, and Paleo. Look for their recipes and they are very simple to make. All you need is the ingredients and no special appliances.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This dessert option is classic and guaranteed to please others. Bring a vanilla ice cream from the market and make cookie sandwiches. You can add various toppings to make it more delicious in taste and beautiful in appearance.

Pantry Cocoa Brownies

It’s my go-to brownie for many as it is easy to make and people love to enjoy it.  Next time when visiting a potluck, you should definitely try these ideas.

Lemon Bars

No one can resist this sweet and tangy flavor of these sunny bars. It will surely be everyone’s favourite and your desserts will end up in the mouth of the people very soon. Bring them and watch people gobble them up in minutes. 

No-Bake Icebox Cake

People think that there is an icebox, so this is a favourite item for summer. But its not true at all. A no-bake cake combined with graham crackers and wafer cookies, is people’s favourite the whole year.

Apple Yogurt Cake Combined With Cinnamon-Sugar Streak

Wanted to create a first impression and best impression, bring these desserts. It looks so good and fresh that no one can stop themselves from trying their hand.


Fresh fruit is simple and elegant and it is healthy too. However, some people may dislike this idea, but do not forget to give it a try. 

Madeira Cake

Similar to the pound cake, this simple British cake is a surefire potluck hit. There is no madeira in the recipe, it is flavored with lemon.


Try these pot luck dessert ideas and be everyone’s favourite in the pot luck party. 

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