Two Easy Low Carb Dessert Recipes to Cure your Cravings

low carb dessert recipes easy

Every diet-conscious person aims at eating a minimal amount of carbs in a day. But there is one point where everyone loses their control. As soon as anyone sees the desserts, they just want to rush to it and grab them. Desserts are extremely appealing and delicious. Every sweet tooth cannot control itself when it comes to eating desserts. However, if you are on a strict diet, you cannot afford them. So, to cure your cravings, there are numerous Easy Low Carb Dessert Recipes that you are going to come across in this article. These recipes are pretty simple to prepare and delightful to consume. One of the best things about Easy Low Carb Dessert Recipes is that there are very few carbs in them. There are enough carbs that you can burn the next day without pulling off an extra hour at the gym.

Easy Low Carb Dessert Recipes For The Sweet Tooth

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These recipes require very few ingredients and can be made pretty soon. Follow the instructions properly and make sure that you have all the required ingredients with you.

Peanut Butter Balls

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These balls are pretty easy to make and require no heat. There are 46 calories in it. This dish will create up to 30 balls of small size.

Ingredients required are:

Half cup of natural peanut butter

¼ cup of coconut that is flaked, as well as unsweetened

¼ cup of dry powder of non-dairy milk

¼ cup of rolled oats

Half teaspoon of cinnamon that it is grounded

¼ wheat germ’s cup

¼ cup of apple juice that is unsweetened, thawed, and concentrated

Steps to make:

Step 1. Mix peanut butter, coconut, peanut butter in a large container. Stir the oats in it, wheat germ, ground cinnamon, and concentrated apple juice. Keep on mixing it till it gets combined properly.

Step 2: Make balls of the mixture. Keep in the refrigerator and chill it properly before you serve.

Keto Chocolate Mousse

No heavy whipping of cream is required in this recipe. All that you will be required to do is mix every ingredient in the bowl. Any granular sweetener that is keto-friendly can be used. You can adjust the amount of cocoa and sweetener as per your taste. This recipe is pretty simple, rich and you will be satisfied easily.

Ingredients required:

Softened cream cheese, 3 ounces

Half cup of heavy cream

¼ cup of zero-calorie sweetener in powdered form

2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

1 pinch salt

Directions to make

Step1: Put the cream cheese in a huge bowl and beat it properly till it gets fluffy using your electric beater. Then while mixing it, lessen the speed and add vanilla essence as well as the heavy cream. Mix the sweetener, salt, and cocoa powder. Mix everything properly till they get incorporated properly. Turn the speed of the mixer to the highest grade. Once it is done, put it in your cups and refrigerate it properly before serving


These Easy Low Carb Dessert Recipes are delicious and will be your go-to dessert. You must try them and serve them to your family and friends as well.

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