What Are The Best Dessert Ideas For A Crowd

dessert ideas for a crowd

I love desserts that include items such as chocolate, peanut butter, rum or brandy. One of my all time favorite dessert ideas was baked chocolate cake with brandy whipped cream on top. You can also add some items such as marshmallows, candy sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, and other goodies to the cake. If you are having a themed birthday party, this would be a great addition.

Ideas For Dessert Desserts

A hand holding a chocolate cake

If you want some ideas for dessert desserts, nothing tops dessert with ice cream and chocolate. Some of my favorites include Mexican chocolate desert, Strawberry shortcake dessert, and Fruit salad desert. These desserts taste just as good as they look. They also happen to be one of the easiest desserts to put together. A great way to save money while making a special dessert for a big crowd is to make a quick dessert and freeze it.

To make a quick dessert, all you need is a bundt cake, a food processor, some frozen fruit (peaches, strawberries, and grapes work great), some whipped cream, and chocolate pieces. First you need to gather your ingredients. Combine all of your ingredients in the food processor until they are blended. Next, take the cake out of the refrigerator and spray it with non-stick spray. Now you can assemble the cake and frost it.

Crowd Pleasing Dessert Ideas

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Another one of my crowd pleasing dessert ideas for a crowd was a chocolate cake that was covered in chocolate. The cake was so delicious, and there were so many toppings that it was hard to decide on only one. You could always mix the chocolate cake with some frozen fruit and cream cheese and serve that as an after dinner dessert.

When you are looking for some unique dessert ideas for a crowd, you might also want to try the carrot cake. This dessert idea is not only delicious, but it is easy to make as well. All you have to do is mix the carrots, sugar, and cream of tartar in a mixing bowl. Then all you have to do is pour this mixture over a layer of Graham cracker crust and bake it. As an added bonus, if you shop around, you can find canned or freshly shredded carrots for about half the cost of these individually purchased ingredients.

Chicken Fingers

Some crowd pleasing dessert ideas for a crowd also include chicken fingers. If you’re wondering how to cook a chicken finger, all you have to do is use a breading to stick to shape the birds. You can then brown the breading to stick in some butter or oil and place the birds on top of the breading. You could also shape them into little squares by rolling them in cheese and browning them on the outside before putting them under the oven.

Final Words

Don’t forget dessert ideas for a crowd when you are planning a party. Just think about how much money you would save by making your own whipped cream. If you are not the best cook at home, you could always buy it from a store. There are also many recipes online that you can get a jump on.

Another idea is to add some fruit to your dessert. This can be done easily enough if you have a fruit bowl on hand. You can also put in some canned fruit. There are a variety of dessert ideas for a crowd, and you should be able to come up with a few of your own.

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