Where can you find some best Cake Decorating Videos

cake decorating videos

If you love to bake cakes on every occasion or without any occasion, you need to learn new techniques, methods or tricks and hack about that. Decorating a cake requires an artistic person. You can learn more about decorating cakes from the web. There is endless information available regarding cake decoration on websites and YouTube. You can learn new things like how to make buttercream frosting, 3D cake structure, airbrush techniques and much more. It is the best way for beginners to learn new things and basic things about cake baking and decorations. By watching a youtube video or reading an article on any website, you can learn a lot. 

Here are some useful websites and YouTube channels regarding cake decoration. You will learn a lot from them.


Bakery professionals and decorators often have their own websites where they share their experiences and many secret tips and recipes. You can learn a lot from them. Here are some best websites for learning cake decoration.

  1. Earlene’s Cake: This website is created by Earlene Moore, a 45 year old decorator from Texas. You can check out her website for cake serving ideas, cake construction and decoration tips, and series articles in which she showcases her cake decorating business. 
  2. Wilton: This is the most famous website related to cake decorating ideas. You can get a plethora of resources from here. They provide professional tips for decorations. You can also visit their forums for discussion.
  3. Cake Central: This is an engaging kind of website. Where one decorator can meet another. You can upload your cake photos and browse other uploaded cake photos for inspiration. You can visit their forums to chat with famous decorators. 
  4. Cake Journal: This is not a website but it is a cake decorating blog. Here you can find information, tips, hacked, and tutorials. You can learn by reading and trying something new.

YouTube Channels

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YouTube is an amazing platform for entertainment as well as learning. Self-made backers and decorators shoot their videos and post it on YouTube for their subscribers and make a name. Here are some popular YouTube channels for cake decorating videos. 

  1. My Cupcake Addiction: Elise Strachan started this YouTube channel in 2011 out of her love for cupcakes. She is a home backer and loves to make cupcakes for her friends and families. She has 3.2 millions subscribers and she has uploaded around 600 videos.
  2. How To Cake It: This channel is also very popular with 3.8 millions subscribers. Yolanda Gampp is the host of this channel. She can make anything out of cake. It looks like a watermelon but in reality it is a cake. She is just amazing.
  3. Top Yummy: This channel is also very helpful in cake decorating tutorials. By watching their videos you will get ideas and inspirations. This channel has 23.3 lakh subscribers.
  4. Cake Style: This channel is hosted by Vanessa. She loves baking and she has been teaching cake decorating for years. You will get lots of oils, tips and recipes. This channel has 11.3 lakh subscribers till the date.


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In the end, we want to say only one thing: that learning is important, it does not matter where you learn from. You can learn so many things by just listening, reading, watching or even talking. From above mentioned websites and YouTube channels you can learn a lot about cake decorating and inspiration. Also they all are experts so you can learn some basic methods and techniques.

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